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The desert version from the TAURUS JET X-70. Keep hands clear!

Soot free! The concept hybrid bike with flash wheels. The FLASH BIKE (2016) available through the cgtrader shop.

TAURUS JET NR. 6 a turbine driven by expanding hot gases produced by burning fuel, as in a jet engine.

HOVER RACER Formula 1 concept racer only for professional drivers!

Futuristic vehicle JET seat (l) Futuristic POSTAL SERVICE box (r).

Porsche 2076 “Flying up!”

ECCEMANIA FLIES AGAIN the hoverboard project.

“The Race Pirates”

“The Race Pirates”

Concept “ALIEN BIKE 2”

ALIEN BIKE concept sci-fi robot bike “DAMAGE” (2019).

“The Trouble with Tribbles”