The basic design is based on an already modeled Porsche 935, easily recognizable by the rear silhouette. The details on the template are loosely defined.
Blueprint prologue The aim of this series of pictures is to provide a little insight into my Video Village project. In the first picture you can see a very early sketch for my futuristic seeming vehicle. As it's about a free creative project, no strict guidelines had to be followed. Everything could be designed to my personal taste. Subsequently, little variances emerged during the building process, nevertheless the overall image was kept in sight.
© Henrik Lein 2019

The front cover was amplified with a wheel suspension.

Details at the bumper and the body framework were created with boole-objects.

Circles, rectangles and ellipses were created, which were applied on the bumper and the body framework. By use of boole objects, it is possible to create indentations. These were helpful to display structures as seen in the picture below.

This procedure was repeated ritual-like on many other components of the vehicle.

As both sides are symmetrical, only one side had to be modeled. By the use of the symmetry object a ready-made chassis is obtained. The roundings and plain surfaces were created by the use of HyperNurbs-objects.

The mirrored and merged rear, displayed in the picture below as an inactive HyperNurbs-object, easily recognizable by the sharp-edged polygon verge.

My futuristic version of the Porsche 935, fully textured and illuminated.

Model based on the original Porsche 935 by 1976.

Under the column 3D Art to be found several renderings with objects derived from my Video Village world.

The readily modeled vehicle, devoid of textures in a rear view.

MAKING OF “Video Village - Porsche 2076”

MAKING OF “Video Village - Porsche 2076”